Placement Options


By using our temporary help services, you’ll never be short-staffed. Vacation, heavy work periods and absences due to illness are all factors that can disrupt your company’s ability to operate properly.

We can provide you with the personnel you need within a reasonable timeframe.

Once determined, the billing rate covers all payroll costs, such as payroll deductions, vacation pay and administrative fees.


Our permanent placement fees are based on a percentage of the employee’s annual salary, depending on the job title and position filled.

We have no hidden fees. Placement fees will apply only if you hire a candidate recommended by Excel personnel.

If, during the guarantee period, the candidate is terminated or leaves voluntarily, we agree to find a suitable candidate at no additional charge.

Temp to hire

If, for some reason, you prefer to use the temp-to-hire option, you will be able to decide whether you wish to hire the candidate provided by Excel personnel.

The temporary employee will be required to remain in our service for a minimum of 800 hours with your company before you can exercise the option to hire the employee. However, the employee can be hired before expiration of the 800-hour period subject to an additional charge.


In the case of a payroll agreement, arrangements are made by the client to transfer one or more of its employees to Excel personnel, which then becomes their employer.

That way, the client retains supervision of the transferred employees but no longer has the responsibilities of an employer with regard to compensation management, employee benefits and government remittances.


What kind of personnel can we provide you with?

  • Customer Service/Sales
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Administrative Support
  • Executives/Managers/Supervisors
  • Industrial/Production/Handling
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Technical/Trades
  • Engineering

Available as temporary or permanent placement

Selection Process

Human capital is a company’s most valuable asset. That’s why every mandate we’re given is of the utmost importance. For maximum effectiveness in the selection of any new candidate, we implement the following process:

  • Search in our records for potential candidates
  • Creation of targeted advertisements
  • Publication
  • Receipt of résumés and calls
  • Preliminary screening
  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Interviews
  • Qualification testing and assessment reviews
  • Reference check
  • Client/candidate interview follow-up
  • Final selection

All our mandates are treated in the strictest confidentiality.